About discoverDEF.com

discoverDEF.com is a free service and provides you with information on where to buy DEF and how to use it. You will find all the information you need to understand DEF, why it is used in your vehicle, and how it should be stored and handled.

If you have a specific question please check our FAQ or contact will.talbot@argusmedia.com

You can also use our Retail Search or Fleet Supply Search to find information on where to buy DEF.

discoverDEF.com data

The location data for the DEF supply points are gathered from a range of sources and data suppliers all over North America and are dependent on these sources being accurate and up to date. We regularly audit the database by calling DEF suppliers directly to verify their location and availability of DEF, and constantly monitor the dataset for errors using geocoding and deduplication algorithms.

If, however, you find that the information we provide is incorrect, or if we have missed a DEF supplier, please let us know so that we can update our database to provide a better service in the future.

If you sell DEF, or are a DEF distributor and would like your location or supply details listed on discoverDEF.com, please contact:

Will Talbot, will.talbot@argusmedia.com

There is no cost for listing on discoverDEF.com.

Sponsorship & Marketing

To find out more about our data services or to become a sponsor or advertiser on discoverDEF.com, please contact:

Will Talbot, will.talbot@argusmedia.com