Kingspan and TECALEMIT partner to provide DEF storage solutions in North America

Alex Wood - 12 January 2017

Kingspan, a DEF storage and dispensing supplier, has entered into a partnership with TECALEMIT, a DEF equipment supplier and distributor, to introduce a new range of DEF storage tanks to the North American market. The statement below is the official press release issued by Kingspan on the 10th January 2017:


Kingspan, a global leader in Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) storage and dispensing products, and  TECALEMIT a powerhouse in DEF equipment supply, have announced they are entering into a partnership to introduce market-leading DEF storage solutions into North America.

The partnership will launch through the introduction of Kingspan’s revolutionary BlueMaster DEF storage tanks with TECALEMIT as the sole distributor in the USA, added to which will be on the ground customer service and technical management support.

Kingspan has driven innovation, manufacturing excellence and thought-leadership in sustainability across international markets for more than 40 years.  It offers a diverse range of plastic and steel storage solutions, along with dispensing and management systems for not only DEF but Diesel, Oil and Fertiliser. The company manufactured the world’s first bunded plastic tank and it has been at the forefront of industry advancement ever since, in response to customer and market demands.

Nearly 10,000 Kingspan BlueMaster DEF tanks, sized between 660 and 2370 gallons, have been distributed across the globe in the last decade, into locations that extend from Christchurch to Santiago.  Initially, they will be distributing the 1,056 gallon tanks within the USA.

TECALEMIT has continued to evolve its product line from its origination in the early 1900s, bringing innovation and customer-driven solutions every step of the way. The company has quickly become the go-to manufacturer of equipment solutions and services for the DEF, Fuel, Chemical and Lube/Oil sectors. TECALEMIT’s vast experience of products include fuel inventory management systems, high-flow bulk transfer systems, all in one smart packages, heavy duty pumps, flow meters and an array of innovative packages for DEF. TECALEMIT is also a pioneer when it comes to custom built design projects taking customers’ everyday issues and providing cost effective solutions. 

Kirstie Henry, Global Head of DEF Equipment Sales says: “This partnership forges together all the strengths of the TECALEMIT and Kingspan brands.  We are focused on delivering product quality, innovation, industry expertise and service excellence to American DEF users. Added to which is a joint dedication by both parties to the North American market and supporting our customer base.

“Kingspan products will give users of DEF in North America a quality, cost-savings and compliant storage solution.  The partnership we are entering into with TECALEMIT will mean we can back up this compelling proposition with world-class customer service and technical support.”

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