MTU America agrees to audit testing procedure to meet emissions standards

Rebecca Hayward - 15 April 2015

Non-road engine manufacturer, MTU America, a subsidiary of Rolls Royce Power Systems, has signed a consent decree with the US Department of Justice and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) over allegations that it has violated the Clean Air Act. A parallel settlement with California Air Resources Board (CARB) has also been signed.

The aforementioned agencies filed a complaint that MTU violated the act by selling 895 non-road, heavy-duty diesel engines without valid certificates of conformity.

As part of the settlement, MTU is expected to pay a $1.2 million penalty to EPA and $300,000 to CARB. MTU must perform annual audits of its engine emissions testing and certification activities, undertaken by an EPA-approved third party for the next three years. MTU is also required to initiate corrective actions if the audits reveal noncompliance

The settlement marks the EPA's ongoing efforts to ensure that vehicles and engines meet emissions limits.

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