Cummins Emission Solutions introduces new EcoFit aftertreatment module

Rebecca Hayward - 30 March 2015

Aftertreatment technology provider Cummins Emissions Solutions has released the first product of its new generation of high efficiency aftertreatment systems, the EcoFit Single Module.

The new system is designed to be up to 60% smaller and 40% lighter compared to the EPA 2013 solution it supersedes, the company said. The smaller size is designed to enable better heat management and retention for improved fuel economy.

"We are very proud to announce this ground-breaking platform and believe it is a game changer in the commercial vehicle aftertreatment market," said John Carroll, General Manager for the Global On-Highway Business, Cummins Emission Solutions. "This product uses innovations in catalyst and urea dosing technologies unique to Cummins Emissions Solutions to deliver an ideal solution in the market", he added.

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