Mexico proposes US EPA 2010 equivalent emission standards for heavy-duty engines

Niels Tholen - 8 January 2015

Mexico's national regulatory committee (COMARNAT) has approved a proposed update to the country's emissions legislation, NOM-044-SEMARNAT-20061 by Mexico's Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT). The update would see current US EPA 2004 / Euro IV standards being replaced by US EPA 2010 / Euro VI standards for new heavy-duty diesel vehicles including trucks, buses, large pickups and vans with weight exceeding 3,857 kg.

Mexico currently requires compliance with either US EPA 2004 or Euro IV emission standards. An estimated 90% of vehicles comply with the US standards, which can be achieved without the added expense of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology required in Euro IV engines. The additional cost of emissions control technology packages for US 2010 and Euro VI are expected to be comparable.

A 60-day public comment period started in January this year, after which an additional voting round by COMARNAT could see implementation of US EPA 2010 / Euro VI by 1 January 2018.

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