EXCLUSIVE: European Commission commits to aligning new Stage V non-road emissions limits where possible

Niels Tholen - 21 July 2014

Dr Adolfo Perujo, Senior Scientist at the Joint Research Centre, European Commission, discussed European Stage V non-road mobile machinery emission standards at the 10th Integer Emissions Summit in Dusseldorf, Germany.

The new Stage V proposal is currently being discussed with industry stakeholders at an inter-service consultation, and if agreed upon, could be adopted by the Commission by the end of 2015 and introduced between 2019 and 2021.

The aim of the new Stage V legislation is the incorporation of new non-road engine classes such as those used in all-terrain vehicles, side-by-side vehicles, and handheld machinery. As a result the Stage V legislation would apply to all non-road machinery from handheld to large gensets.

Dr Perujo said that new Stage V emission limits would be closer aligned to current on-road emissions limits where possible. New areas of focus include the use of Particulate Number (PN) levels for engines between 19 and 560 kW, which will further extend the use of Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) technology and is already used in on-road emission legislation. In-service conformity in which engines are tested during their normal duty cycles will also be included for non-road mobile machinery.

Christoph Heidt, Geo-Ecologist from the Institute for Energy and Environment Research (IFEU) discussed the outcome of early discussions indicating more stringent levels for:

Particulate Matter (PM), to be reduced from 0.025 g/kWh (engines 56 - 560 kW) to 0.015 g/kWh (engines 19 - 560 kW).

NOx and hydrocarbon (HC) levels are to be introduced for equipment between 0 - 19 kW and set at 7.5 g/kWh while engines between 19 - 37 kW will see NOx and HC levels being lowered from 7.5 to 4.7 g/kWh. SCR use and dosing rates are expected to increase with Stage V roll-out.

The 10th Integer Emissions Summit Europe 2014 took place on 17-19 June at the Hilton Hotel Dusseldorf, Germany. Integer Research operates FindAdBlue.com

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