Archive news for November 2014

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DEF Tracker: Most Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) prices fall in November, but remain more stable than in H1 2014

Rebecca Hayward - 28 November 2014

The latest edition of DEF Tracker reported decreases in Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) prices for all but one of the major formats in November. In the U.S., average LTL prices decreased by US$0.02/G between October and November, while the average FTL price increased by US$0.01/G over the same period. Bulk delivery prices decreased across all...

DEF forum at Integer Emission Summit discusses state of the U.S. DEF market

Niels Tholen - 26 November 2014

At the recent Integer Emission Summit held in Chicago, IL, Tim Cheyne, Director of Emissions at Integer discussed the current state of the market and predicted DEF consumption growth to be fuelled mainly by Class 8 trucks. Natural gas trucks are set to compete with diesel-SCR trucks and are expected to account for 10% of class 8 trucks by...

Logistical issues for non-road DEF discussed at Integer Emission Summit 2014

Niels Tholen - 26 November 2014

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) quality issues were discussed at several points during the 7th Integer Emission Summit USA 2014 in October, but it was logistical and quality issues in the non-road sector that were discussed at length. Issues that came to the foreground included DEF supply to remote non-road markets, DEF freezing at low...

Valvoline and Victory Blue announce manufacturing, packaging and distribution partnership

Laura Cross - 26 November 2014

Valvoline and Victory Blue have announced a partnership under which Victory Blue will serve as the exclusive manufacturer, packager and distributor of Valvoline's Premium Blue brand of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). "With our national distribution network and well-established manufacturing and packaging capabilities, we will...

OEMs comment on downsizing of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) tanks and EPA regulation of refill intervals

Niels Tholen - 25 November 2014

Downsizing of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) tanks and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)'s regulation of DEF refill intervals for passenger cars was discussed at the 7th Integer Emissions Summit USA 2014, held in Chicago, IL. Mike Shovel, Thermal Management - Technical Specialist SCR at Navistar, discussed that the post-2017 greenhouse...

Engine and equipment manufacturers discuss weight reduction options to achieve future emissions standards

Niels Tholen - 25 November 2014

Ken Federle, Executive Director, Research and Engineering at Cummins Emissions Solutions presented at the 7th Integer Emissions Summit USA 2014, on the options for next generation diesel aftertreatment systems for on- and off-highway applications. Federle detailed the CES Compact Box, one of the smallest aftertreatment systems available in...