TA Travel Centers of America operates DEF pumps at over 100 locations

Christopher Goodfellow - 27 July 2012

Truckstop brand TA Travel Centers of America now has 101 locations equipped with Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) pumps at over 400 fuel lanes.

Tom O'Brien, CEO and President of TA Travel Centers, said that the company carefully researched dispensing options; 97 locations have pumps dispensing at the fuel island and four provide DEF pumps at the shop only. The on-island pumps incorporate technology known as the '1+1' transaction system, dispensing diesel fuel and DEF simultaneously, providing an efficient service for drivers in need of both.

O'Brien also explained the benefit of underground installations, adding that they will "properly protect the product from exposure to temperature extremes and minimize downtime that can be associated with alternate, above ground installations".

The geographical spread of the pumps follows national trends to a degree. TA has the most locations equipped with DEF pumps in Texas, with 15 in the state. TA has seven such locations in Indiana and there are five in Ohio - where the company is headquartered. Until recently, TA did not operate any DEF pumps in California. The truckstops in Livingston and Santa Nella now provide DEF at the pump.

TA Travel Centers is on course to fulfil its plan to have on-island bulk DEF at all locations by the end of 2012. All of the company's locations (branded as either TA or Petro Stopping Centers) supply DEF in 2.5 gallon jugs. All jug and pump locations are listed on discoverDEF.com's retail search.

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