EXCLUSIVE: Love’s drops Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) pump price to $2.49 per gallon

Christopher Goodfellow - 16 July 2012

Love's Travel Stops reduced its national Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) price to $2.49 per gallon, on Friday, July 13 2012.

Jon Archard, Director of Fleet Sales for Love's, told discoverDEF.com: "We are on track to meet our goal of installing bulk DEF at all Love's Travel Stops locations by the end of this year. Currently, we have 782 lanes with bulk DEF at 148 Love's locations nationwide. This is more than half of our total travel stop locations offering bulk DEF."

All of Love's locations can be found on discoverDEF.com's retail search.

The average U.S. DEF pump price increased by seven cent, to $2.88 per gallon, in June, according to DEF Tracker, as raw material prices increased.

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