Over 500 locations in North America with DEF at the pump

Laura Cross - 28 May 2012

discoverDEF.com now lists 503 locations in North America dispensing  Diesel Exhaust Fluid through pumps at the fuel island. In the last three months alone, over 100 pumps have come online.

The network is spread widely over the United States, with at least one pump in most states. Over 95% are operated by truck stops, with large brands Pilot Flying J, TA Travel Centers and Love's accounting for the majority of pumps. Several pumps are added each week, and are reported through our Twitter updates. Texas has 58 locations equipped with DEF pumps; the largest coverage of all North American states and provinces.

Some states are yet to install any DEF pumps, such as New Hampshire, Montana and Hawaii and there are still only five locations in Canada. However, industry insight suggests pump infrastructure in Canada will expand.

The April 2012 issue of DEF Tracker reported that the average pump price was US$2.74 per gallon in the U.S. and CAN$0.799 per litre in Canada. Prices have risen since then, however, due to increasing raw material prices.

discoverDEF.com was launched in February 2010, and the Canada-specific locator discoverDEF.ca was launched earlier in May. Reflecting the growing importance of emissions reduction targets across the globe, Integer Research also operates Europe's sister site, FindAdBlue.com, and is due to launch Brazilian locator service EncontreARLA.com.br later this year.

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Rosalie Winnik - 11 December 2017

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