First DEF pump in Maine installed

Lucy Terry - 22 March 2012

Irving Oil has opened the first bulk DEF pump at a fuel island in the entire state of Maine. The gas station, part of a Circle K convenience store, is located in the town of Kittery. Previously, truck drivers could only obtain DEF in jugs or larger quantities in the state; the nearest pump serving Maine was in Quebec, Canada.

Irving Oil, which is based in Canada and New Hampshire, operates over 950 service stations and travel plazas in New England and Eastern Canada. The Kittery location is open 24 hours. DEF at the pump is priced at $2.99 per gallon.

There are currently 446 locations in the U.S. providing DEF at the pump, and only five in Canada. The brands Love's, Pilot Flying J and TA dominate the market. Texas continues to lead in pump infrastructure, with 52 locations offering DEF at the pump. Overall, the New England market is small, with no bulk DEF pumps at the island in Vermont or New Hampshire and only one in Massachusetts. The majority of companies operating in Maine's DEF retail market are truck manufacturer service centers such as Daimler or Ford.

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