New North American Ford Transit Van brings Ford’s truck maker’s diesel engine count to two

Niels Tholen - 19 December 2012

Ford has announced its Transit Van will make its long awaited American debut in late 2013 containing its second truck diesel engine, a 3.2 liter five-cylinder turbodiesel making it the only diesel five-cylinder turbodiesel sold in the U.S. The engine is already being used in Ford's T6 Ranger sold in Europe  and will use similar selective catalytic reduction (SCR)-urea technology to the one used in the Super Duty F-series.

The Transit Van will replace the Ford E-series Van line with a design already in use in numerous countries. For the U.S. market, it will be built in a Missouri plant now being refitted for this purpose. No announcement has yet been made on whether this engine will be available in other models or whether there is going to be a "light-pickup" version of the Transit.

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