BB Pumps & Parts launch self priming DEF pump

Christopher Goodfellow - 20 September 2011

BB Pumps & Parts has launched a new self priming Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) dispensing systems called the CreaPro.

The CreaPro system is a self priming membrane pump with a capacity of up to 8.5 GPM, it is equipped with an accurate flow meter(<1%), an automatic nozzle with stainless steel spout for easy filling and an automatic nozzle switch on/off whereas the system is automatically switched ON when the nozzle is taken out of the holder and switched OFF when the nozzle is placed in the nozzle holder. The unit is cased in a stainless steel "box" whereby the CreaPro and CreaBasic systems are splash water tight (IP55).

Edu M. Bury, former co-founder of GreenChem Holding and founder of BB Pumps & Parts, said he had listened carefully to what the DEF market wants with respect to user convenience, quality and reliability.

The CreaPro system was made available on the 20 September.