Brochure now available – Diesel Emissions Conference & DEF Forum USA 2011

Christopher Goodfellow - 8 August 2011

The brochure for Integer's Diesel Emissions Conference & DEF Forum USA 2011 is now available to download from its website.

This global Conference & Forum, now in its forth year, has firmly established itself as North America's number one diesel emissions and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) strategy event, focused on facilitating timely discussion on the legislation influencing the market and the technologies driving it forward.

The conference runs from October 17 to 19, the DEF Forum is on the first day.

Topics at this year's conference includes:

• GHG emissions - What is the ideal technology path to combine heavy-duty truck emissions reduction with the EPA regulations on greenhouse gas emissions for model year 2014?

• Future technologies - Game-changing aftertreatment technology prospects to 2017: What are the innovative ideas signalling changes to the future of heavy-duty truck systems?

• On Board Diagnostics (OBD) - What are the technical approaches that deliver effective and economical compliance with EPA 2013 OBD rules combined with value-for-money for drivers and fleet managers?

• Non-road - EPA guidance and industry responses to meet Tier IV Interim and Final emissions regulations in the Non-Road sector.

• Light duty - How large will the market for SCR-equipped Diesel cars grow from 2012 to 2016, when new GHG reductions are mandated?

• Medium duty - How can US suppliers capture Medium Duty aftertreatment technology markets worldwide? Where are the opportunities for direct sales and joint ventures?

• DEF - Panel discussion: DEF distribution opportunities for US suppliers nationwide - how can DEF suppliers leverage competitive advantages to gain a share of segmented markets for NRMM, passenger vehicle and on road transport?


Further information on the Diesel Emissions Conference & DEF Forum USA 2011 can be found here.

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