Vale Fertilizantes begins DEF production in Brazil

Christopher Goodfellow - 16 August 2011

Brazilian fertalizer giant Vale Fertilizantes has begun production of Diesel Exhuast Fluid (DEF) termed ARLA 32 in Brazil, in preparation for new emissions standards.

Heavy-duty Vehicles in Brazil will be required to comply with new Proconve P7 emissions standards in January 2012, which will lead to the widespread adoption of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology in heavy-duty vehicles.

Luiz Ant├┤nio Veiga Mesquita, Commercial and Marketing director at Vale, explained: "Vale Fertilizantes will not be selling the product to end-users. It will be sold in bulk to specialized packaging and distribution companies."

Manufacturing will take place at the Araucária Industrial Complex, which already produces ammonia and urea.

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