TransLiquid introduces bulk DEF transfer skids

Christopher Goodfellow - 16 August 2011

Texas-based Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) distributor TransLiquid Technologies has launched a range of bulk transfer skids called the Pro 5000 series. The new models are capable of dispensing DEF from bulk to tote, tote to tote and bulk dispensing.



Product features include a flow rate of up to 25 gallons per minute and Micro Matic closed-loop fittings.

Andy Cuadra, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at TransLiquid, told; "The system is so flexible, but its main purpose is for tote to tote, bulk to tote, bulk dispensing. Adding an LC meter that is Weights and Measures approved is simple and an option that it is less expensive than the TCS meters and smaller in size.

"This product is starting to fill the gap for the jobbers that are ready to fill on location."

For more information see TransLiquid's blog.

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