EXCLUSIVE: Pilot to install DEF pumps in 1,000 filling lanes by October 2011

Christopher Goodfellow - 17 May 2011

Pilot Travel Centers plans to increase the number of the fuel lanes capable of dispensing Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) at its Pilot and Flying J truck stops from 68 to around 1,000 by October 2011.

Over that same time period the number of truck stop locations with bulk dispensing will increase from 68 to over 180.

Matt Price, Petroleum Pricing Manager at Pilot Travel Centers, told discoverDEF.com: "Our customers are demanding it first and foremost. We want to ensure that we have DEF available and convenient for everyone at attractive prices.

"We'll also have our first in-ground test site in Haines City, Florida, which is a new location for Pilot. At this site DEF will be available across every island, and the site is due to open on 23 May 2011."

At time of press discoverDEF.com listed 68 Pilot locations offering bulk DEF at the pump. Locations and DEF prices can be found on Pilot's website.

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