Wakefield Canada launches H2Blu Diesel Exhaust Fluid product

Christopher Goodfellow - 15 April 2011

Automotive and heavy-duty vehicle product supplier Wakefield Canada launched its new Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) product, H2Blu, at last week's ExpoCam trade show.

A company spokesperson said: "Broad distribution via Wakefield Canada's existing heavy-duty and expanding fleet distribution networks assure availability right across the country. This distribution network will build product availability continuously as the demand for DEF increases."

H2Blu will be available in 9.46 litre (2.5 gallon) jugs, 208 litre (55 gallon) drums, 1040 litre (275 gallon) totes and as bulk supply.

All of its larger packaged products will be supplied with Micro Matic pump systems.

H2Blu meets ISO 22241 and has been API certified.

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