KleerBlue DEF begins production of 1000-gallon storage units

Christopher Goodfellow - 09 February 2011

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) equipment supplier KleerBlue has began manufacturing its new 1000 gallon mini-bulk storage unit.

The unit is comprised of a 1000-gallon plus storage tank within a dual wall containment. The design is impact resistant, corrosion proof, R16 insulated, heated and maintenance free, and includes a polyethylene outer protection shell. It has been designed to be located on a fueling island, with a 44" width, but it can also be mounted remotely from a KleerBlue or 3rd party DEF dispenser.

Another option is the ability to place mini-bulk units in series to gain additional storage capacity. This provides DEF users with the benefits of the tank design, such as long-life submersible pump, efficient and economical immersion heating, and secondary containment, all within a small area footprint.

Stephen A. Cox, National Sales Manager at KleerBlue, told discoverDEF.com: "The addition of this new mini-bulk storage product to our equipment offering, combined with our custom design capability, allows KleerBlue to provide a full line of innovative solutions for DEF storage and dispensing applications."

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