Ohio Co-operative launches Marion County’s first DEF Pump

Christopher Goodfellow - 4 October 2011

Customers looking for Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) in Marion County, OH, can now purchase product at the Central Ohio Farmers Co-op Pacific Pride fuel station for the first time.

The co-op decided to add DEF to its fuel station portfolio and will be selling at a price of $2.60 per gallon. The station is located on Ohio 309 East.

Jim Bowman, manager of Central Ohio Farmers Co-op, explained that the company had adopted a cautious approach at first: "We didn't want to get out too early. We just waited for the timing to be right."

Even now, sales manager Barry Neagles is not sure what to expect. "Right off the bat, we really don't have a feel. Hopefully, it keeps on growing. This is just the start of it."

The product is locally manufactured by Morral Companies, a sister company to the Co-op. Local students from the Tri-Rivers Career Center designed the label for the DEF.

The Central Ohio Farmers Co-op launched in 1934 as the Marion County Farm Bureau Co-op Association, changing to its current name in 2000.