DEC2011: PepsiCo and FedEx clarify DEF requirements

Laura Cross - 25 October 2011

Fuel management specialists from both PepsiCo and FedEx told delegates at Integer's DEF Forum in Atlanta, GA, what they require from their Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) suppliers.

James Thomas, Fluid Operation Manager at PepsiCo, said that the most important factors are that a supplier is well established, has a strong relationship with its DEF or raw material source, and can make a long-term committment on price.

Tod Dressler, senior manager fuel management at FedEx, mirrored these comments saying that he looks for three to five year committments from suppliers and adding that the company had chosen to store its DEF underground in 8,000 gallon tanks.

The FedEx fleet has more than 300 locations, with a minimum of six to eight trucks at each base. These vehicles consume 40 million gallons of diesel per year.