NOCO distribution to supply BlueSky DEF

Christopher Goodfellow - 2 September 2010

Lubricant and anti-freeze distributor NOCO is to distribute Prime Lube's BlueSky Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) to New York State, Vermont, New Hampshire and in Ontario.

Fred Giese, General Manager at NOCO Distribution, said: "As a fellow ExxonMobil distributor, we've had an ongoing relationship with Prime Lube for nearly seven years. When it came time for us to add Diesel Exhaust FLuid (DEF) to our product line they were the natural choice because they're a local manufacturer in close proximity to our warehouse in Kingston, NY. This is a major cost savings for us and the fact that they can supply all of the tanks, pumps and other equipment plus be close at hand for maintenance and repairs if needed is a value added benefit."

Prime Lube will roll out the BlueSky brand to NOCO customers this week, starting with two training seminars for the NOCO sales team in Syracuse and Toronto.

NOCO's network includes 30 express and convenience stores throughout western New York.

In April Prime Lube opened a manufacturing plant in Carteret, NJ, to supply customers on the Atlantic coast and in eastern Canada, in conjunction with German-based chemical manufacturer Kruse Group.