Archive news for October 2009

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Research funding for off-road SCR technology

Clem Aardweg - 29 October 2009

Donaldson Company, Inc., a leading global provider of filtration systems, has been awarded a US$750,000 grant to research retrofit SCR (selective catalytic reduction) systems for off-highway applications. Funded by the Houston Advanced Research Centre (HARC), the project aims to develop DEF injection control systems to deliver performance...

Yara secures agreement with Cherokee for DEF supply

Clem Aardweg - 19 October 2009

Yara North America has agreed an exclusive supply contract with LSB Industries for its Earthpure DEF. Yara will distribute and market the LSB's DEF under its own Air1 brand, a brand that Yara has used successfully in the European AdBlue market, and is in the process of rolling out across the US in collaboration with Mansfield Oil. LSB has...

New DEF dispensers introduced in North America

Clem Aardweg - 1 October 2009

SPATCO, a US producer of Diesel Exhaust Fluid dispensing equipment, has signed an agreement with Pilot Travel Centers to provide bulk DEF dispensing units at Pilot truckstops throughout North America. Truckstops closest to Pilot's and SPATCO's headquarters in North Carolina and Tennessee, respectively, were the first to be equipped with the...