Drum Pumps and Tote Pumps

Vehicle Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems are highly sensitive to contamination and impurities in Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF).  The use of incorrect pumping and handling equipment can cause catalyst or DEF injector failures that take your truck off the road and are expensive to repair.

An example AdBlue canister

Pumps for DEF drums or totes must be designed and manufactured specifically for this purpose. Lube oil and diesel pumps must not be used. DEF contains urea, which can form crystals that creep through joints and seals of equipment that is not designed for DEF. In addition, urea solution will quickly corrode some materials, and can be contaminated very easily if incorrect equipment is used. DEF pumps use materials that are compatible with DEF such as stainless steel. Materials such as zinc, aluminum, copper, cast iron and brass (or plated and treated metals) MUST be avoided.

An example AdBlue canister

DEF pumps can be pneumatic or electric. Pneumatic pumps are generally used on smaller storage equipment, such as jugs and drums. The pictures show pneumatic drum pumps: an air-operated pump and a dispense coupler.

Electric pumps (both 12 volt and 110 volt) are common for drums and totes. They vary widely, with differing features including: flow rate (normally measured in gallons per minute); whether or not the pump is self-priming (on first use); and automatic shut-off of the motor.  A flow meter can be attached to the pump to track usage at your fleet facility.

An example AdBlue canister

A good quality tote pump should last many years and empty many totes. An electric tote pump is shown below.

There are two main types of tote pumps: centrifugal and diaphragm/membrane.

More information about pumping DEF can be found in discoverDEF.com's DEF Handling Guide.

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DEF Equipment Suppliers

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