Archive news for November 2014

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Husky Corporation begins offering Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) dispensing hoses

Niels Tholen - 24 November 2014

Husky Corporation has begun offering Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) hoses to complement the company's DEF product line of nozzles, swivels, adapters, Safe-T-Breaks and Benecor DEF systems. The hose is made from black customized peroxide-cured EPDM, a synthetic rubber designed to resist DEF corrosion, and is recommended for use in...

U.S. EPA elaborates on Phase 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) and fuel efficiency standards for heavy-duty vehicles

Niels Tholen - 24 November 2014

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) presented details on the impending Phase 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) and fuel efficiency standards at the 7th Integer Emissions Summit USA 2014 in October. Matt Spears, Center Director of Heavy-Duty Diesel Standards outlined the role of the transportation sector in GHG emissions in the U.S., with...

Southwest Research Institute discusses Californian NOx research findings

Niels Tholen - 24 November 2014

Dr. Charles Roberts, Institute Engineer at the Southwest Research Institute discussed the progress that has been made in ultra-low NOx standards research at the Integer Emission Summit 2015. Roberts highlighted California's problem with air quality which is contributed in large parts by on- and off-highway vehicles and marine vessels. The...

Marine sector stakeholders discuss merits of natural gas and diesel use

Niels Tholen - 24 November 2014

The topic of natural gas versus marine gas oil (MGO) in marine applications was widely discussed at the 7th Integer Emissions Summit USA 2014 held in Chicago, IL. Niels Mortensen, Director of Regulatory Affairs at Maersk discussed the implications of the IMO regulations becoming stricter for SOx and NOx. These stringent Phase III standards...

Paccar, Daimler and Volvo post strong Q3 2014 financials

Jeanne Riot - 19 November 2014

The global truck division of Daimler AG, Paccar and Volvo AB posted strong Q3 2014 financials based on a good run of truck sales in North America and a firm economic environment. Daimler's truck division reported an increase in operating income from $665 million to $749 million year-on-year in Q3 2014 on good sales of Freightliner and...

Diesel sales set to slow after 2015, U.S. report says

Jeanne Riot - 19 November 2014

A new report written by PIRA Energy Group and commissioned by the Fuels Institute published at the end of October analyses US domestic diesel fuel demand, capacity, international demand and trade balances. Input assumptions include GDP growth, population growth, elasticity of demand by sector, efficiency improvements, feedback price effects,...